Exit Interview


Exit Interview
If you know the desert, you know most of its beauty is hidden; visible only in sudden, unexpected flashes that take your breath away.
Like when you’ve crossed the final line and your partners stake you out on the sand and leave you alone in the silence.
Unable to turn your head, you watch the crows come down to peck out your eyes.
They swoop gracefully, the sun behind them, and the last thing you see is that their wings are not all black, that the trailing edges of those wings are the same beautiful, opalescent gray as a mobster’s wide-brimmed hat.

4 Responses to “Exit Interview”

  1. Oh wow! Powerful story in such a short piece! Good stuff.

  2. Brilliant connection of nature to man. Great description.

  3. Maybe that’s where “Stone the crows” came from, mate. Thank you.

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