Scott Chase Has A Dilemma – A Review

Scott Chase has a dilemma. He’s written a collection of short stories called The Backseat Virgin that depict the dark side of the Florida Dream with a sharp eye for the details that you might not want your grandparents to know about the Sunshine State (or maybe you do want them to know if they haven’t retired there yet or — if they already have retired there — don’t tell them and they probably won’t go out and buy three pit bulls and a sawed off shotgun and spend the rest of their lives jumping at sharp noises or sudden shadows. Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.)

His dilemma is that, while the first four stories in this collection are crisp and photographic in their depictions of hurricanes, dope smuggling infants, hit men/enforcers, mob bosses, people just trying to get by and stay alive, private eyes, bent cops, kinda bent cops, really dumb crooks and some really smart crooks — all of whom lead up to and are included in, the final story, The Backseat Virgin. After you finish the collection, you say, PHEW! What a Ride. Then you think, Hey! I want more of these guys.

And that’s the problem. Scott and I talked about it. See, we both know that the stories stand alone quite nicely but — and here’s the dilemma part — Scott would have to write a really Big Ass Novel to encompass what he’s built here and take it where it wants to go.

The nice part of this problem is, he could walk away right now and know that he’s written a pretty damn good collection of Florida Noir tales and let it go at that . . . but he also knows he damn well should write the BAN.

I know this is preying on his mind now. And he’s cussing all of us who want the BAN on our bookshelves or in our Kindles, right freakin’ now! And he knows he will write the Big Ass Novel because, well, what the hell . . . it’s money and his fans want it and he’s getting tormented to write it and, well, it’s money.

You can find the collection here:

And that’s probably where the Big Ass Novel will be found when he writes it also.

3 Responses to “Scott Chase Has A Dilemma – A Review”

  1. Love your review style AJ. This sounds like a thoroughly awesome collection.

  2. This is the first I’ve heard of Florida Noir. I’m intrigued. Great review, Aj.

  3. Kristin and Chris, thanks for the comments. I’d love to get your feedback if you read the collection. Go to my website and let me know.

    Todd Bush (aka Scott Chase)

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